May 1st, 2010


A Drunken Orgy for Girls

the people of the goddess danu purify themselves and transcend the death that is of winter, going forth in hope of regeneration and rebirth that only she not men (nor the union nor the senator nor the congressman nor the father nor the worker's revolution nor the president nor the dictator nor the king nor the killer nor the thief) can bring.

if you would like to understand: study trees- or perhaps just think about them in a lazy sleepy way by the fact do whatever you can to dream of trees. and if you hug a tree you had better mean it.

why is it so many place names and human names are those of trees? why is your family said to constitute a tree? if the tree is the book then the limbs are the pages and the branches the sentences and the leaves are the words. are they? odin is only given the power and secret of words, of poetry after hanging on ' the windy tree for nine whole nights, myself to myself' dying. by dying and becoming intimately aware of the blood of the mother he is symbolically given her gift of birth, that is of artistic and spiritual creation.

world tree, sacred groves, trees of knowledge with snakes and apples and devils,christmas trees and blazing yules,hanging trees,may poles and morning wood, the lotus beyond which there is no passing,yggdrasil, oak the tree of doors,axis mundi.

in rome may day was celebrated in female only ceremonies dedicated to the bona dea ( men weren't allowed to speak Her name so she's called 'the good goddess'). by late roman times it was referred to condescendingly as a ' drunken orgy for girls' after a royal brouhaha involving a caesar and a smart ass senator who got up in drag and crashed the observances. he was caught and tossed out.big political scandal and seething mocking ensues:

"Publius Clodius, out from his saffron dress, from his headdress, from his 'Cinderella' slippers and his purple ribbons, from his breast band, from his dereliction, from his lust, is suddenly rendered a democrat."

nothing fucking changes. might as well insert the name charlie crist for publius clodius.

so get into your saffron dress,remember to forget your bra and panties, and go go dance for the boys and girls like a hopped up speed freak( on the podium wrapped around the stripper pole) - get thee to a nunnery, go -it's merry month, a drunken orgy for girls, you famous flowers of serving men.

harley david, you son of a bitch:

meet me at the race track jack:

darling come here....

recognize and respond:

trust me, you need the words or you probably won't get it and get it you ought.