March 29th, 2010

they're all out of liquor, let's find another party

patty donahue was the lead singer of the waitresses.i say singer but half the time she talked and strolled her way through songs that although all written by a man( chris butler) seem authentically female in sensibility coming from the mouth of EveryGirl. donahue left the band (to be replaced by holly beth vincent, who also left almost immediately) and went on to work in the a and r department of MCA.

the waitresses were one of the many great bands that came out of akron ohio in the late 70's early 80's (there's a university there which explains much and it's outside of cleveland.). the most well known of which are devo, chrissie hynde of the pretenders and the cramps.the general area also gave us the dead boys,rachel sweet,pere ubu and yes unfortunately trent fucking reznor who moved there from penn.

patty donahue died aged only 40 from lung cancer in december 1996. today was her birthday.

sadly there's not much else posted up by the waitresses who were so much more than the 2 or so songs and one christmas tune they're known for. one can't really go wrong with "wasn't tomorrow wonderful?" or "bruiseology". 'everything's wrong if my hair is wrong' and 'go make the weather' are 2 of my favorites.

chris butler still does very interesting musical things including using old technology to record with.