March 25th, 2010

you will pay for rapists to get hard ons or you will go to jail.

barak obama nancy pelosi and harry reid want you to pay for sex offenders to get viagra. your tax money will aid and abet the diddling of your own children.

welcome to serfdom.

these are the amendments republicans in the senate have tried to get made to dear leader's glorious deathcare bill, nancy pelosi's special present for you. all these amendments were voted down by your imperial overlords, the new death panel party of no the democrats.

democrats voted no to remove congressional bribes( paid with your tax money- like the cornhusker kickback and the louisiana purchase).

democrats voted no to prohibiting your tax money to pay for viagra to sex offenders and child molesters. a hard on in the pants of every rapists!

democrats voted no to removing the tax hike for those earning under 250,000.( oh you thought barry obama promised their would be no middle class tax hike? you do realize he's a liar, right?)

democrats voted no to remove the congressional and presidential exemption from deathcare.( it's so good, your overlords no way want a fucking part of it.) their staffs and the drones who wrote this piece of crap bill are also exempt from it- that's how good it is. mm mm mm.

democrats voted no to remove employer mandate which will pretty much decimate the largest employer in america- small business, already under water. it's going to be hard to buy health insurance or pay the fine for not having it when you don't have a fucking job.

democrats voted no to reduce student loan interest rates.( you thought it's a healthcare bill- nancy snuck in a take over of student loans which will basically destroy the student loan industry and make you beholden to the state for your education or should that be ' re- education'?)

democrats voted no to remove the states right to opt out of obamacare.( seeing how health insurance is in state by law the federal government has no constitutional grounds to regulate it- this amendment was a reiteration of the actual powers reserved for the states explicitly in the constitution being in-state commerce. this will be one of the major issues when this mess is dragged before the courts.)

democrats voted no to protect wounded soldiers from paying the new medical device tax.( barry promised no new taxes- except of course on ' evil corporations' like those who make expensive life saving equipment. he forgets to mention you are the one paying the taxes, not the companies. not only is barry a liar he thinks you're morons for not seeing that he is. there are also new taxes on everything from tampons to over the counter medications- taxes you will pay so rapists can get their dicks hard. )

democrats also voted no to protect cancer patients, children and the legally disabled from medical device taxes. another amendment to remove the medical device tax- a tax paid by the patient- entirely was voted down by democrats.

democrats voted no to remove medicaid advantage cuts. barry lied, grandma is going to die or eat cat food so she can afford her medications.or maybe she'll just die- all the better for obamacare as every corpse equals money saved and another free pair of dentures is liberated for the masses.

democrats voted no to remove class act which is a ponzi scheme that strips money from existing federal health care programs( shaking down grandma and the disabled again) to try to fund, unsuccessfully according to economists, barry's free health care and unicorns bill.

democrats voted no to an amendment ensuring premiums will not increase with the passage of deathcare. obama said rates would go down, as did romney over romneycare in MA. because of romneycare MA has the highest insurance premiums in the country. the same will happen now for everyone because barry is a liar and malicious hack. every credible economics and health insurance professional who reviewed obamacare, what little of the bill was revealed before passage, has said rates will sky rocket as the bill does absolutely nothing to lower rates and everything possible to raise them to the point of collapsing the entire system.

democrats voted no to block the new investments tax on people earning more than 250,000. this has nothing to do with health care- it's merely a new tax that will destroy primarily small businesses. it will keep them from expanding and from hiring . jobs are created through people with money making investments in business. it's economics 101. barry and other stupid craven fascists like nancy pelosi and harry reid are on a bender to destroy our economic system which gives us all such an unprecedented lifestyle of plenty.wonder why that could be? hitler did much the same in germany.and that ended up so well. what could go wrong?

democrats voted not to ensure our veterans that the health care mandate would be considered met by their enrollment in tricare or any vet health insurance they currently receive.

democrats voted no to repeal the death panels in the bill and in other bills that contain said language or government agencies designed to intervene in patient and doctors life or death decisions. and uh yeah- you've been lied to and had- the death panels ARE in the senate bill. portions of associated legislation passed in the first stimulus bill while no one was paying attention. democrats voted no to protect your right to privacy and your right to be sovereign over your personal medical decisions.this is because nancy pelosi can do anything she wants with your health and body. because that's constitutional.

democrats voted no to protect critical care rural hospitals from cuts called for under the bill. in boston hardly a rural area at least 4 hospitals that primarily serve the poor are suing the state over similar provisions lacking also in romneycare- these hospitals are being rammed into bankruptcy and are forced into denying care and into rationing is usual the poor and then the working middle classes are romneycare and obamacare's first and hardest hit victims while the big insurance companies and the big drug companies will experience windfall profits under this's not big business that is the biggest evil in all this- it's big government as it always has been.

republicans offered 2 amendments to repel the entire bill. also voted down.

defund. repeal. vote out. impeach.