March 11th, 2010

hidden candy

happy birthday to two lovely ladies- nina hagen and the lady chablis( no! not my cat. i'm not sure when she was born. her name sake -the original the lady chablis.)

nina hagen's paternal jewish grandparents were murdered in sachsenhausen concentration camp. she grew up in east germany- you know the lovely utopian socialist police state behind the wall.when her step father was denied permission to return home after a visit to the GDR, effectively being expelled, nina demanded to be allowed to leave too. she was heavily involved in the early punk scene in europe.

nina hagen's contributions to punk, goth and ultimately mainstream musical culture are far greater than can be imagined as she is particularly ignored now in anglo countries. nina hagen is as important to us as siouxsie. the mad cow madonna's ever shifting personnae seem lifted wholesale from hagen except of course for the voice because at least hagen can sing and has a far more fertile and innovative musical imagination.early goth was heavily laced with nina hagen's fashion sense and mystical meanderings- the self as theatre .early on she was a very vocal supporter of vegetarianism and animal rights. instead of the inane anti-feminist virgin- whore dichotomy of someone like madonna, hagen's feminism representing true self empowerment for women was always apparent.

unswayed by barry obama's bullshit, having grown up in a socialist dictatorship, hagen supported fellow ufo aficionado dennis kucinich in the last election cycle.

there's always going to be a special place in my heart for a woman who wears a big black dildo on stage.

nina does abba!