February 5th, 2010

"your feverish vision of exquisite misery"

every time the numb nuts upstairs drag out the guitar hero and start stomping away like the lame white boys they are i am reminded that this is what a majority of the members of what was one of boston's last great bands does- makes fucking video games.

not that i blame them- we all need to live and eat and pay rent-and i suppose artists know when it's best for them to get out of a creative endeavor. eric brosius and terri barous of tribe have worked since the band broke up in the mid 90s making the bane of my existence, the upsetter of my cats- music for video games for the newest blank generation. seeing how i don't pay much attention to that sort of thing , when i heard a tribe song wafting down from up above clearly part of that dreadful circle jerk known as 'fill in the blank hero' i thought i was hallucinating. why would anyone put tribe in a video game? well, i guess someone who was in tribe especially the two who wrote most of their songs- cha-ching!- can you say royalty check?

"i've been there/ don't remind me"

tribe is one of those bands that never seem to have been recorded right, never really captured. they were great live. the 'abort' cd which generally seems available is very good but only came out at the end of their career. although i love it, it never sounded quite right to me and i blame the production. the song 'abort' was a huge hit in boston in the late 80s but was re-recorded a million times. by the time it made the album of the same name its unusual sound was less than what it was.if you find any of their vinyl- buy it. many of the other songs on abort were also recorded many times over often with better results.

it was a bad time for their sort of music- rock n roll goth pop really and for bands in general. the stampede to digital recordings and cds was starting to take over. a lot of people sounded like shit on cd especially music not based in electronica. tribe had everything that should have made for national success just at the time when that everything was changing. their record label dropped them right after they announced their break-up-something they were unaware was in the works.

and i don't care what anyone says- they were goths in the best sense of the word. songs about child abuse, songs based on poe poems, songs about witches. here's singer janet levalley as fat bob for halloween which means... GOTH!(actually she does a good amy crackhouse too):go to page II under halloween costumes:


janet was the best female vocalist in boston especially important at a time when such a creature would be phased out of the music scene.although all girly twirly for this video she used to wear head to toe black, sometimes men's suits.

although i may have been annoyed at guitar hero i am happy it has at last at least drawn attention to tribe and their wonderful dark music. there were no utube videos a few years ago now there's even a web site full of videos and mp3s.