January 29th, 2010

" a thing of beauty is a joy forever"

happy birthday super model gia carangi, born this day 1960. died of AIDS related complications november 18, 1986 only 26 years old.

gia was fucking gorgeous. cindy crawford was purposely groomed as the ' baby gia' after the real gia's decline and fall so much was her presence felt and desired.she destroyed her career, her body and her soul through drug addiction as so many of us did.

all forms of media are base forms of prostitution, using and spitting out beautiful and talented young things faster than they can be born. it's mass production and exploitation of human beings who are rendered into nothing more than their monetary worth to other people due to their extraordinary looks or talents. use it up, wear it out- our disposable plastic culture at it's worst.

gia is one of the legendary children of my generation- a victim and a reflection of all it's outstanding follies, fashionable sleek oh so modern mannerisms and ultimately lethal vices . but, really, outside of 16c italy who could have predicted this plague which we brought i am so sad to say upon ourselves?

do you post post modern chillens even think of the fact now that one fuck could literally kill you? welcome to my coming of age if you do.

"I think God has a plan for me. But I don't think it's in this life."- gia carangi


a bisexual perhaps more toward the lesbian side ,gia is so very symbolic of her generation even more so because of her devastating AIDS death. bowie and bisexuality and gay pride and new wave and a space age future now and a flapper-like hedonism that really knew no bounds. several generations- and my generation which was coming out when AIDS was called ' gay cancer' or 'gay flu' and no one knew how you got it- of pretty young things and artists and musicians and human beings who died in the prime of their lives when they should have been fucking and loving and creating and dancing and breathing. there was a time i went to a funeral every week.

our cultural landscape has been forever altered by those who are not here, who never made it out of the 80s or early 90s.

because gia loved bowie so much here's my brother from another mother doing alabama song, although i think the doors did it much better. in fact this sucks but it's gia's day :

one time when i was djing i played the doors in the middle of some acid house- and a woman came into the booth freaking out because she was amazed. i said ," well, he is rock's tragic dionysis." and she kissed me and flew out the door to dance. davida, girl, you have nothing on miss jim. oh. don't ask why: