January 28th, 2010

dominion: the liberation of auschwitz

on this date in 1945 the nazi concentration camp at auschwitz was liberated by soviet troops.it was open for 5 years. generations of european jews, entire families, and assorted 'undesirables' left via the smoke stacks. common criminals, great artists and poets, fine writers, musical and scientific geniuses, saints, cabaret performers, whores and mothers- eradicated from life and often from history save for small remnants, bits of remembrance. some survivors died soon after their liberation from diseases like TB and typhus always rampant in the camps. some lived on somehow. many committed suicide years later.no one who was not there can imagine the stunning breadth, the sweep of the horrors of auschwitz. it is the very definition of evil and of banality- satan as a prim public accountant with a taste for after hours s/m and cruelty.

no one knows how many died in auschwitz. ever so efficient and having a massive teutonic hard on for exacting bureaucracy but also not being stupid, when the jig was up, the nazis blew up the crematoria and destroyed most of their beloved records. because it was liberated by the new fascists in town, the soviets, who would also go on to kill millions of humans in their own set of prisons and camps,what was left of the records was sucked into mother russia's steel trap.

the statistics go up and down through the years and according to whomever is grinding their ax over them.hoess who was commandant of the camp said 2.5 million were killed there. accepted modern figures for now are 1.1 million jews alone for this one camp along with 150 thousand poles, 23 thousand gypsies and 30 thousand others.even when it's someone you know, it's hard to conceive of one person's brutal and wrongful death at the hands of another . how does one begin to comprehend 1.3 million humans murdered in one place at one small blip in time? you don't, that's what. you bury it and forget. or you blame the victim and eventually go about it again if you're a fascist or look away if you're a disinterested party who imagines themselves safe from immolation in the perhaps deserved hell of some one else.

early on a polish soldier agreed to be interred in the camp to gather information. in november of 1940, Witold Pilecki smuggled out reports of the fact that auschwitz was a collection of labor and death camps where the nazis were carrying out unspeakable crimes and murdering in his words 'millions' of civilians. the allies refused to believe him and considered that he was just exaggerating. he organized resistance within the camp and escaped in 1943. he was eventually tortured and put to death by the polish communists after the war. it was only in 1990 that this polish hero was honored by his own country.and we now know beyond a doubt he was not exaggerating.in 1944 2 escaped prisoners finally convinced the allies the truth of all pilecki risked his life to tell. the war would be over in 1945. poland herself lost 90 % of her jewish population.

anne frank and her sister died in auschwitz.

"One single Anne Frank moves us more than the countless others who suffered just as she did but whose faces have remained in the shadows. Perhaps it is better that way; if we were capable of taking in all the suffering of all those people, we would not be able to live."- primo levi.

primo levi, who survived auschwitz ,is believed to have killed himself in 1987.another writer and survivor, tadeusz borowski did kill himself in 1951.

"Concentration camp existence ... taught us that the whole world was really like a concentration camp. The weak work for the strong and if they have no strength or will to work- then let them steal, or let them die... there is no crime that a man will not commit in order to save himself. And, having saved himself, he will commit crimes for increasingly trivial reasons; he will commit them first out of duty, then from habit, and finally, for pleasure... The world is ruled by neither justice nor morality; crime is not punished nor virtue rewarded, one is forgotten as quickly as the other. The world is ruled by power..." tadeusz borowski quoted in otto friedrich, "the end of the world a history" p.294.

kurt gerron was a german jewish actor who can be seen in the 'blue angel'( he's the magician) with marlene dietrich. he originated the role of brown- the one who sings 'mack the knife'- in 'the three penny opera'. he opted to stay in europe even though offered escape to america. he was eventually sent to the camps and perhaps forced to write and direct a notorious nazi propaganda film about how life for the jews was just lovely in the camps- because the germans were twisted sadistic fucks like that.for his 'cooperation' both he and his wife were shipped right to auschwitz's ovens.

"nous sommes à jamais perdus dans le désert de l'éternèbre"( we are forever lost in the desert of eternal darkness)- robert desnos

desnos was a french surrealist poet and résistance member- which landed him in auschwitz. he was condemned by the other trendy wendy artistes du jour because he opposed communism the most preferred form of fascist hell for, as always, the avant garde and left wing automatons.he contracted typhus in camp and it killed him just weeks after liberation. he seems to have kept himself alive- the visibly sick were usually killed out of hand- through fucking with the nazi's minds in a way only surrealists can- acting absurd.

the first ordained female rabbi was murdered in auschwitz.regina jonas was berlin born and raised. germany will not have another female rabbi until 1995. rabbi jonas met people at the trains coming in to theresienstadt because apparently none of the male rabbis were up to the task. she ministered and lectured until shipped to auschwitz and killed.lists of her lectures in camp exist but jews themselves-those who survived and were interred with rabbi jonas -have opted until recently to obscure her very existence and wipe her memory out as effectively as the nazis snuffed her mortal being.


the companies krupps and siemens, which had a factory in auschwitz, still exist . both used slave labor from the camps. siemens, which apparently hasn't learned it's fucking lesson, joined with noikia to reach out and screw the oppressed people of iran by providing that nazi regime with the technology to intercept and fuck with all internet and cell phone communications.you assholes know people are murdered for what they may say on the internets or over phones in iran, don't you? once a nazi, always a fucking nazi.

the man who pretty much invented modern non anonymous hard core pornography and put the ghey in it first too was killed in auschwitz .bernard natan acted in and produced adult films - the first to be publicly known to do so. he ended up owning legit pathé films, creating the first french tv studio and funding the creation of the anamorphic lens which gave us the wide screen film format. long attacked by the french for both his bisexuality and being jewish , he was on trial for fraud when france fell to germany.the french turned him over willingly to the nazis who promptly killed him in auschwitz.

some 232 thousand children were deported to auschwitz. some 700 children were born there. in general very young children were of no use to the nazis and were killed with the elderly and infirm upon arrival. dr. mengele preyed upon sets of young twins who were plucked from the ramp and kept alive to use for his vile experiments. special family camps existed within the complex but these were virtually all liquidated as the nazis evacuated the camp. very few children survived because of this.

friedl dicker-brandeis was an austrian artist who taught at the bauhaus. transported to the terezín ghetto she set up secret art classes to educate the children there.when her husband was shuttled to auschwitz she requested to go too.the trunks full of children's art work she left behind survived the holocaust and the war. friedl died in auschwitz, butchered by civilized christian barbarians. only a handful of the thousands of children who passed through terezin survived.

"i never saw another butterfly"


it has taken me so long to write this it is now the day after international holocaust memorial day.1.3 million is a lot of people let alone 6 million. i could go on for days, forever. endless. endless.