January 25th, 2010

virgins die horny

of course i am ever so thrilled scott brown has managed all on his awesome own to (with the help of the citizens of MA) bitch slap the shit out Obambi.people are waking up to what a malicious hack and fool he is. the democratic party had no right putting him up as president and they used misogyny to primarily capsize and steal the nomination from hillary who deserved it and would have been a far better president.the clintons for all their many faults at least appear to believe in the constitution and do not hate americans. obama loathes us and i am not entirely convinced he is a native born american because he still refuses to prove it the way i have to when i go for any legal documents.

when this terrible nightmare is over i for one will not be shocked at all the bodies that turn up- all the malicious lies that rear their pointed heads. the complete and total melt down of the democrat party is going to be a very very ugly thing because they will never admit they were and are wrong.always remember the democrats are the party of slavery, segregation and sexism and they use the gheys in the same way they use blacks- promise them the moon for their votes than give them nothing but condescension for their loyalty.always remember nazi pelosi said she could do whatever she wanted with your health care and harry reid called you a brown shirt because you may have opposed a piece of legislation. oh and you're racist if you don't agree to every thing barak" barry" obama ever has or will say.

to smear brown everything from his posing for cosmo when he was in his 20's to his wife's appearance in a boston music video in a bathing suit-gasp- with a lot more than her ankles showing have been tossed up. the music video is for digney fignus and his only hit" the girl with the curious hand". i completely recall the song and we all thought what fucking crap to represent what at the time was the best music town in the usa.besides saying "digney fucking fignus" and" wow scott brown's wife like him was totally hot in the day" i kept thinking THIS is what people around the world are looking at- some prepackaged yuppie- because of one man's election from the output of a city that gave so much to music with so little recognition.

i suppose it's like a lot of the other 'new wave' crap major record labels opted to shove out at the time but it represents the worst rather than the best of the time. digney( real name bobby brown ironically)has recently reinvented himself as an americana roots musician.

this is why we ended up with duran fucking duran defining the era. white rolled up pants , model like girls who wouldn't look at you twice and goddamn yachts.

meanwhile one of the best groups out of boston- maybe ever-was sort of new wave-y, sort of b-52-ish but not quite. they were a lot smarter and had roots that went much deeper in so many ways. can you imagine a new wave band doing a song about anne frank and not being offended and not having the holocaust being trivialized but rather producing a fascinating and surreal and thought provoking song?

human sexual response- the anne frank story

rich gilbert who went on to the zulus with some of the rest of hsr - a great guitar player.his sound in particular is one i intimately associate with the time and the place- the boston fucking rock scene in the late 70's early 80s .

" i licked betty ford's boots(it's true)/ she wore them all over china"( and one of them really did lick betty ford's boots)

their heroic performance of "butt fuck" on local tv-that's enough to make them legendary children.the big ginger in the black panties is lou miami.

and for all you who somehow think it was right wing republican oppression that brought down the boston music scene( in the completely democratic MA and at the end when bill clinton was in office. i was thrown out of bunratty's when it changed over to a college bar because we were "junkies!!!!!" ie we had black and leather on . it was one of the last to go and the rat would be next.) - it was raising the drinking age in 1985 to 21 and escalating real estate prices( which fills democratic coffers with business kickbacks and mucho taxes).jacks- shown burning in this clip was located next to a cafe called uncle bunnies. jack himself was an awesome dude who bartended at casablanca when edie sedgewick hung out there.he is the ryles of ryles and when i dj'd there he told us all sorts of amazing stories. a peach of a guy who gave so many musicians a chance here.

give up the right wing conspiracy shit- it makes you sound ignorant and shrill. read a book. educate yourself and make up your own mind.

"if the rat goes...."

and so here we are.

but at least we have the senator with the bitch slapping hand.