January 23rd, 2010

meet every situation head on or destroy him my replicants

happy birthday rutger hauer.the best scene from the greatest scifi film( fuck you and your commie avatar too) of one of the greatest sci fi books ever written.blade runner. do read "do androids dream of electric sheep" by philip k dick if you have not. they're sort of 2 different things altogether.

"attack ships on fire" by revolting cocks is still one of the greatest industrial songs you'll never fucking hear." someone, somewhere WAKE ME UP!!!!!"

also edward ka-spel most notably of goth acid droppers the legendary pink dots was born today in 1954. wake up and party it's time to die!

django reinhardt just may be one of the most influential guitarists ever- and he did it all with 2 severely injured fingers on his left hand. he played all his lightening fast solos with just the other 2. born today 1910.he also has his own planet.


and i have been dying to hear this song lately- and i have too many records all in disarray and can't find it. jack the tab i say, a total sporter's song:MESH-