January 22nd, 2010

Miep the Omiepotent

i've been trying to find the right name for farah's dark tortie kitten for some time. nothing seemed to fit quite right. first it was pebbles in the shelter. pebbles, what the fuck is that? i suppose however when you're rescuing cats all the time and have a whole truck load all the torties are named pebbles or mocha or tiramisu or some other crazy cat lady thing involving food, liquor or items of clothing.( poor nixie was named tequila.if i'm into being on the receiving end of some serious tortie shade, i yell,"hey ,tequila!!" at her.)

then she was calpurnia for a week after i watched the aadams family movie.

then it was grizelda for a month and i do not even now recall why. oh ,there's a reason but it was lost in the haze of xmas fear and loathing.

i figured eventually it would come- it always does. you just have to let it be and there it is.

so one of anne franks' hiders- and the woman who saved the famous diary- just died. miep gies was an average person who did something extraordinary because sadly sometimes the extraordinary is merely doing the right thing when no one else will. and although only one of the people miep helped hide survived, her saving of anne frank's writings is one of the most significant factors in making the holocaust- one of the many in the twisted history of christian europe- have such a deep and touching meaning for generations and persons no way directly effected by it.anne frank personalized the impact of the inhuman, of evil for us all and we have miep gies to thank. there's no greater gift than that of true understanding that reaches your soul over abstractions and cold recitations of facts and figures.


she has been knighted and has an asteroid named after her.


so the name miep had been rolling around in my head.

monday when fuzzywuzzy no name was sitting in my lap i just started "meeping" at her- like beaker from the muppets- because i am all fucked up like that not because at that moment i was actually thinking of the name miep.

not that she's anything like beaker- she's a fearless little thing. when i first brought her home she growled at everything and i mean everything- shoes, books on the floor, the other cats, the water fountain for das pussies, the goldfish. she may growl but she never runs away and if some bitch gets uppity with her she reads those fucking beads and if they're not listening she slaps it. the longer she is here the more i have come to realized she is an awful lot like Co- a smallish, very smart very curious cat who may have been the runt of the litter. she's a bit of a jester and clown- in the original pagan meanings of the words. you get the feeling you'd learn more from her than from the sage because she's paying fucking attention and doesn't take herself at all seriously and thus is open to unbiased learning. she has huge eyes in a very round shaped but small head- she's perhaps part burmese- and she just drinks everything in. she almost always looks wide eyed.

like Co she also only has eyes for me. she follows me everywhere and has been sitting in my lap from day one. briefly i thought of naming her after co but there's only one Co. we all deserve our own name. the sound ' meep' just fits her- it's small and curious and fun to say. however like miep gies, she is just one small being but within you sense the heart and bravery of a warrior, a lion.

so here at last is miep the omiepotent, farah's kitten, the bedevilment of auntie nixie, being super foxy: