January 18th, 2010

the last republican senator from MA was... ? or let's celebrate martin luther king jr. day

no one has mentioned it but the last republican the state of massachusetts elected to the senate (hopefully the next being scott "hottie mcawesome" brown) was, sorry harry reid, a light skinned black man who spoke with , uh, a slight hint of a"negro dialect".that man is still alive and his name is edward brooke- a great man who deserves some props and doesn't get it because democrats cannot call him their own.

the democrats were the party of slavery and segregation- that's why we had those creatures called dixiecrats. lincoln was a republican- he freed the slaves. after wards most black americans identified as republican for obvious reasons. the democrats obstructed black citizens from voting, opposed the civil rights act( including al gore's dad- senator and segregationist.)and to this day when in power never seem to promote african- americans of any skin hue to any important office. whether it's supreme court judges or secretaries of state- if they're black, a republican nominated them and put them in office.

republican edward brooke was the first african american elected to the senate of the united states by popular vote in 1966 (sick, isn't it- 1966...)and the only black american sent to the senate in the 20th century until 1993( ok ,that's even worse...), serving 2 terms. he had been AG of MA- the first black ever to win a state wide election here. while senator he was a champion of women's rights- from abortion to the equal credit act (which ensured married woman the right to their own rating) to equal opportunities for females in education. he fought for fair and equal housing and was the first republican to demand that fellow republican richard nixon step down as president after the watergate scandal broke. george w. bush awarded him the presidential medal of freedom in 2004.

barbwah wa-wa claims to have had an affair with him but because edward brooke is a gentleman he refuses to speak of it.

thank you edward brooke for your service to this country and the state of MA. your dedication to the rights of women and the poor is particularly impressive.

here senator brooke schools us: