January 10th, 2010

My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair...

i know it was just david bowie's birthday and by rights i should have posted something praising him or something but fuck david bowie.

yes, that's right, fuck david bowie. he just wasn't all that other than a cultural symbol and replicator of other people's great ideas and personas. and he wasn't even up to that for the 80's onward. what the fuck was tin machine, i ask you? crap. sheer time to butch up crap. the AIDS crisis caused a lot of glambots to suddenly get all straight as an arrow and manly.it was very unbecoming and cowardly and the music started to suck.

a member of devo once had up a long internet posting about being completely used and treated like a big hunk of profitable meat by ' those whom we once admired". he was talking about david bowie and eno. i can't find it-it was probably pulled down now that most of the members of devo make up for all that money they didn't make in their heyday by making commercial products they once so viciously skewered. we all have our price, i guess. jayne county, who knew the early folkie bowie , claimed his then wife angie was really the cool one.

i do have admiration for 'station to station' and 'low' and of course the prototypical goth movie- 'the hunger'- is the awesomeness( but mostly because of catherine deneuve.). david bowie was an attractive package for the sale of other people's intellectual and artistic goods. that's well and fine i suppose- i love such unrelentingly commercial music genres like girl groups and hi-nrg and ABBA( a genre unto themselves of sacred divine loveliness-)but bowie's flopping around in the counter cultures of several decades and trying to use up and suck dry the best and the brightest of every new fad that came along is just not something i find , frankly, commendable and it colors my opinion of him.

and it makes us forget the ones he so prettily ripped off. so for bowie's birthday, let's celebrate marc bolan and t-rex!

t-rex was everything ziggy stardust wanted to be, tried to be. marc was the first one with the boas and the glitter and the sexy feyness. early t-rex wasn't exactly folkie- it was surreal and filled with mythology, quirkiness. krishna chants- large ladies with big knives:

bolan had been in the legendary john's children- a very early influence for the first punks. their songs were banned, they used to beat the crap out of each other on stage, pound the stage with chains- they caused a riot in germany. john's children represent the side of the 60s they'd rather you not see-violent fucked up psychedelic punks pissing all over the gross faux love vibe. if you're looking for punk/goth cred it's marc bolan that has more of it. siouxsie, bauhaus and baby ford- they knew bolan was where it was at. bernard sumner of new order/joy division's first vinyl acquisition was a copy of ' ride a white swan'. one of the first lps mr. mittens bought was 'electric warrior'. no ,david bowie, we are not fooled.

the guy wrote sexy fucking songs:

(" i'll call you jaguar/ if i may be so bold")

and instead of pretending to play other people's great guitar licks in videos, marc bolan actually could play the fucking instrument.

bauhaus doing david bowie doing marc bolan ( which is what david bowie was doing all along anyway. how clever of them. and by this point peter murphy was actually doing bowie better than bowie).

marc bolan's girlfriend at the time of his car accident death was the original singer of 'tainted love'- gloria jones. here he is introducing her amazing version of the classic 'go now'. like marc, completely underrated and criminally overlooked:

bolan was very influenced by syd barrett- and was in fact at one time married to a secretary of one of syd's managers. syd like bolan and early t-rex member steve took represent the best most innovative parts of commercial music that other people exploit to other less artistic more cynical ends.there really is no safe and precious place in the recording industry for such people that retains their early idealistic and original promptings- they either are engulfed and lose their vision, the pureness of their drive to create or walk away unnoticed and unheralded, others benefiting from the doors they opened and magic they gave birth to.

"you'll lose your mind at play" and your musical identity to an impostor.