January 6th, 2010

found: slack

long before the viral qualities of such underground cultural artifacts like LOLcats there was rev."bob" dobbs and the church of subgenius. the stickers and their 'bible 'tracts were everywhere in boston in the 80s and 90s long before the internet was a prime vehicle for such things- although there were undoubtedly early message boards available to the few geeks on the internets in those ancient times, the us mail was the main vehicle of, uh, propagation. you sent away to texas and for a few bucks could be ordained a minister in the church.

it was very widespread at the time- pee wee herman had pictures of "bob" up in all his episodes. an elaborate goof and waste product of the more negative aspects of the late 60's counter culture movement of vast conspiracies, ufos and paranoid anti-establishment ravings,they still exist.a woman involved even lost custody of her child because of involvement in what is clearly a joke .christians- proudly promoting no sense of fucking humor for over 2000 years!

anyway here's "bob":


(normally i'd just post the picture but they've added all sorts of gook about it's use and restrictions i couldn't be bothered with.)

and i found this unopened INTACT copy of a masterwork:

are they not the same?

it's the swinging father robert white( fuck his name is even "bob" and with a last name like white- nothing says middle class american 1950s values like the last name white).frankly. i'll be the judge of whether white bread has any rhythm and i find his choice of material a little light in the loafers-" tiny bubbles" , "danny BOY" and "san francisco"- just what are you trying to tell us, reverend whitey white funk master swing set? he does go ethnic with his ' very enjoyable vocal talents' on 'sunrise/sunset' and ' spanish eyes'- all through, apparently, if the photos on the back were taken in studio, the giant, throbbing, huge, all knowing and all powerful, full audio spectrum of the Microphone of God.

the album was made for the famous cardinal cushing- "bob" was at the time in st. andrew's in jp- to fund a jubilee charity drive. and "bob" dobbs was a salesman- it's starting to make sense.

i've been thinking of posting some of my weirder records and out of print stuff on youtube. i am not sure yet whether rev."bob" will make it but i assure you the cover will.