January 1st, 2010

fever in the shadows

recent finds:

12 inch remix of 'get off' by foxy. definitely a roller rink song but a great fucking disco song from when the genre was less formula bound and much more funky:

repeat after me: marshall jefferson-ten city "that's the way love is"- deep house mix and underground dub mix. the singer is byron stingily who went on to have solo dance hits at the end of the 90's including a sylvester remake.it's a testament to the romantic and unity undercurrents of that time that this was a massive hit- it would engulf people, making them forget everything but the song and dancing which i have always thought was the whole point of dance music.

siouxsie sioux admittedly uses billy mackenzies' phrasing. her song 'say' is about his jan. 22 1997 suicide as is the cure song 'cut here'.'william it was really nothing' and 'suedehead' by morrissey and the smiths are also allegedly about billy.perhaps the most talented male singer of his time and genre consumed by his own inner workings and the music industry itself.

morrissey seems to have patterned himself on billy mackenzie with mixed results.i have very fond memories of boy night and sporters (or indigo when christina was spinning )with one of the three johns doing this dance on the dance floor- oh the rending, oh the wailing, oh the moaning- and everyone giving us a wide berth.

i love when these' girls' have to sprinkle lots of real women through their videos- you know, because THEY LOVE THE VAGINA and everything. this was after jimmy sommerville and his falsetto left.the video reminded me of the general gothy look before all the fucking bats and vampires and kinderspacewhores and bondage gear flew out of the closet as it was the alternative ghey look of the day-those black chinese slipper/shoes like for the martial arts( you could get them at woolworth's downtown-they always had them), and you'd have the jeans or straight leg pants and you'd roll them up just a little at the bottom to show off the requisite white socks. ghey!

i always liked en vogue so much more than destiny's child which just seems like their bratty untalented younger sister who of course gets all the attention. better voices, better songs. this bass line wrecks:

front 242 masterhit 12". learnin' the chillrens what industrial music is once again:

a great techno song- and it's a bside. we did it to death. njoi/ malfunction. once again- this was techno. really- i am not fucking with you.

i know i know he sold out one of his best songs for a stupid fucking commercial for junk food( was that it or a goddamn car?) but lately i've been reminded of these songs because they're so fucking good and they need to be recalled. the woman singing and in the video is neneh cherry:

the the/ slow train to dawn.("so are you lying when you say you love me?/i'm lying when i say i don't")