November 27th, 2009

girls girls girls

the original. fuck chicks on speed.

they don't bother me. no.

and kate pierson( the keyboard player and in this playing guitar) of the b52s came out as a ' late in life lesbian'.welcome another sistah and RIP to another: ricky wilson died from complications of AIDS october 1985.i hadn't recalled how early on his death was.

laisse tomber les filles/( hang up) the chick habit

if you don't know about the yé yé girls you should.

the original written by notorious cad but great songwriter serge gainsbourg:

gainsbourg wrote one of the greatest pop songs in any language- "bonnie and clyde". brigitte bardot is a national treasure france is attempting to destroy through pc bull shit nazism.she's absolutely correct about the destructive sexist antisemetic force of islam. the france i came from will no longer exist, the france that produced 'the declaration of the rights of man' and the france that funded the american revolution in the middle of a famine if islamic fascists are allowed to continue to destroy the country and the values it was founded in. the country created by a celtic woman that even nazi germany couldn't destroy is ,like america, in the middle of aiding and abetting it's own demise through the repudiation of individual freedoms and democratic ideals in subservience to cultural and psychological jihad by what are essentially theocratic nazis. it has to stop before it ushers in another dark age.

"Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempt to impose its own."- brigitte bardot on the islamicization of france,"a scream in the silence".

even brigitte bardot gets it- and america elected an asshole who wants to try terrorists captured overseas during a war (who- by the way- already declared themselves guilty) who orchestrated 9/11 and cut off daniel pearl's head in a civilian kangaroo court.

it has to stop by any means necessary.