November 9th, 2009

Die Mauer ist weg!

the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall- impossible without an american president committed to democracy and human freedoms and rights. since obama is neither a supporter of democracy nor of the constitution of the united states nor of our bill of rights but a communist/fascist sympathizer he will not attened the commemoration ceremonies but will be traveling to the world's largest bastion of tyranny next to the middle east- asia.

fascists never want to celebrate the failure of fascism.

many in obama's administration have expressed admiration for such evil murderous despots as Mao. taking over banks,private industry( like say car companies) and enforced slavery of the population to health insurance companies is called communism. it's no wonder that chairman obamao has no time to be bothered with the most significant overturning through peaceful methods of a communist regime in history.

every time i saw one of you obamazombies with one of those fucking che t shirts on i wanted to scream at you and slap your smug self satisfied face for supporting racism and tyranny. it's because of stupid fucks like you that we're in the process of shredding our constitution and relinquishing our rights. liberalism ie the triumph of big government over individual rights is the opiate of the nation.

support for che, castro et al means support for this pleasant little round up of murders- of noncombatants, of civilian men women and children. "so much for all your high brow marxist ways":

# 65 million in the People's Republic of China
# 20 million in the Soviet Union
# 2 million in Cambodia
# 2 million in North Korea
# 1.7 million in Africa
# 1.5 million in Afghanistan
# 1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
# 1 million in Vietnam[4]
# 150,000 in Latin America
# 10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international communist movement and communist parties not in power."