August 17th, 2009

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after blood work, they have determined that farah has chronic renal failure. she is only 4 so it's probably a genetic condition- not caused by something but inherited. she may have something like PDK-Polycystic Kidney Disease which is common in persians and other exotic cats. i have no idea what her parents were- her and her sister were feral.

life- a genetic fucking crap shoot.

the symptoms of this are a lot like hyperthyroid condition and sometimes do not even show up in blood work. her sodium levels are so high and she is dehydrated so they are going to keep her overnight and slowly re-hydrate her to keep her brain from going into shock. if she can be stabilized we'll see what to do from there. if the cause is genetic- it's a progressive disease . there's no cure. if she can be stabilized and her levels don't shoot up again she may be able to regain enough function to live comfortably. there's no way to tell right now.

nixie is looking everywhere for her- and the rest are pretty freaked out. i'm pretty freaked out. and really sad. the doctor told me there's no way i could have known but still...i'll a nano second from drinking a gallon of vodka and driving hal into the charles.

i was looking forward to going out with my family for my birthday this week- actually doing something with people who actually like being with me for once. oh, heavens please don't tell me i'll be burying my sweet heart girl.

fuck sticks. just fucking fuck sticks.

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farah girl is stable and eating. they won't be testing her blood levels until later tonight and she'll be there until at least tuesday.

it's funny how she's now the least visible of my cats in general - even feralista nixie( former miss "i see dead humons"/ kill them all, let Bast sort them out 2006-8 presently miss lap cat love muffin cuddly boo bear 2009) is always out and about center stage-but i miss her very hidden presence so acutely. there's a saying about how very stealthily cats become the heart and soul of a home. it's so true.

so i don't get all fucked up all day long , it's time for some vinyl rummaging. then i promised to rebuild the girl's super cat tree in the sky. i just bought this fucking thing for them-it goes all the way up to the ceiling-and it broke. they loved it- they'd all pile on until it became a leaning tower of pussies. of course it's fallaparticle board so the metal fixtures snapped out of it. i found some smallish empty wooden wire spools and bought a pvc pipe. oh, yes.