August 6th, 2009

there's a full moon so who has been rocking my dream boat?

i'm worried about kenneth anger. i don't know why but i came home wiped out from the heat and instinctively reread a biography about him the whole fucking night- getting no sleep. who can explain these things really- it had to happen. i had to do it then.

he's probably my favorite film maker. ever. i always get trapped and pulled into his imagery. i always feel like i'm tripping just watching and hearing it all. no one has used music in film so well- his selections always fit perfectly and he has over the years changed soundtracks in several of his films numerous times. and no one alive edits film as well as he does. kenneth anger says more in 3 minutes of film stock than most hollywood directors writers and producers say over the span of their entire careers let alone in the standard hour and change format they're all stuck in. they're filming and they can't shut up and they say nothing.

in 1967 there was a very famous hippy led march on washington in protest of the viet nam war. they sarcastically said they were going to ' levitate' the pentagon with their groovy patchouli power.only kenneth anger really intended to do it and exorcise it's demons through pagan magic ritual and this is exactly why i love his work so.

the images in this are not from kenneth anger - but the music which is amazing was made by mick jagger and was the soundtrack originally made for 'invocation of my demon brother' . and there are fans, flicking fluttering fans. his magic lantern cycle has been released on dvd. don't stop get it get it.

grabbing hands, grab all you can

"5 U.S.C. § 552a, United States agencies, including the Executive Office of the President shall, “maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized by statute or by the individual about whom the record is maintained or unless pertinent to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity.”

"I am not aware of any precedent for a President asking American citizens to report their fellow citizens to the White House for pure political speech that is deemed “fishy” or otherwise inimical to the White House’s political interests.
By requesting that citizens send “fishy” emails to the White House, it is inevitable that the names, email addresses, IP addresses, and private speech of U.S. citizens will be reported to the White House. You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program. As Congress debates health care reform and other critical policy matters, citizen engagement must not be chilled by fear of government monitoring the exercise of free speech rights."- senator john cronyn letter to president obama (

and it gets worse.

"Congress adopted the Broadband Data Improvement Act in 2008 to compile of map of the nation showing which areas have broadband and which do not. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is getting the information, but the Obama Administration has decided to use the NTIA to get more than the law requires.

Beyond the general data on which parts of the nation have high speed internet access and is it cable or DSL, Obama wants to know down to the individual what the individual has and how much the individual pays. Specifically, the NTIA is now requiring internet provides to give the government “average revenue per end user and data regarding type, technical specification or location of broadband infrastructure,” i.e. your home address, IP address, how much you pay, and where the connection is at your house.

The law does not require it. Congress does not want it. The NTIA admits the information will not be used to compile the map of national broadband, but Barack Obama still wants it."- erik erickson (

and worse:

"Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices". search and confiscate.

meet obama's internet czar who thinks what you say on the internet needs to be controlled by him because it might be' harmful' and someone might feel bad about themselves.

"Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law professor who has been appointed to a shadowy post[ obama's head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs] that will grant him powers that are merely mind-boggling, explicitly supports using the courts to impose a "chilling effect" on speech that might hurt someone's feelings. He thinks that the bloggers have been rampaging out of control and that new laws need to be written to corral them."