July 5th, 2009

"... they always like my kitchen best..."

this is rather score part 2 as i had to work and couldn't post more of my finds.

besides talking about cleaning the basement, geoffrey and i often talk about doing a real disco night at the club- from when only gay and urban black people listened to it.

this would be absolutely classic- claudja barry had quite a following. all the early house touch stones are there and of course the language- work it girl " work me over":

van mccoy seems only recalled for his early massive hit ' the hustle' but his lush orchestrations and funk fills along with the likes of barry white's love unlimited orchestra represent the rock disco was built on- and mccoy had the massive creds going back to being in soul groups and producing them in the 60s. he died in 1979 of a heart attack at a very young age. i got the 12' of this.

here's a example of the very very deep roots of where those swooning orchestra sounds of early disco came from, written and produced by mr. mccoy in 1965 and sung by one of my favorite singers, betty everett:

betty everett, gotta be ready


even when house and disco became popular so much slipped through the cracks here even though wildly popular in england. entire music movements- shades and genres of dance music- were built across the fucking ocean based entirely on musicians and djs and specific isolated underground club scenes in america. like garage. ru sleeping? pretty much. i loved this song to bits when it came out.

i was fucking crazy about this too " losing you" sgh and mocca soul. got the test pressing.:

we played this much and had much love for it way back in 1985: dillinger's cocaine

take drugs. every drug.lovely tune and i smell abba:

salt tank dimensions

better sound, can't embed: