June 29th, 2009

baddest bass in the bass-a -ment

so the landlord's nephew wants to clean the basement. we have had this talk every year around this time-hey, let's clean the basement. i'll rent a big ass bin and we'll clean the basement. yeah . every year for the last 10 years we have this conversation and we never even go in the damn basement- just drink beer and pretend about it. but this year he rented the huge dumpster so i went down and started moving stuff out.

i'm not sure how the hell they ended up there but i found a crate of records. normally i would never leave records down there so i think it happened when i first moved in which really was over 10 years ago. the apartment wasn't ready and it was some vietnamese holiday( really) so the floors weren't sanded and finished in time so stuff was moved into the basement and i lived in geoffrey's living room for nearly a month. it would appear they were overlooked when everything was brought up.

it's an odd selection and a bit of a time capsule.

i completely forgot about ac marias- another odd whispy dreamy mute artists from the 80s.just talk.

this isn't particularly good; it's particularly gay. from a living mannequin who worked at area. where the hell did i get this? this portion of the 80s was washed from my mind. it's all a candy colored whorl.

celebrate the nun/ will you be there:

wow that was fucking gay too.

the fatima mansions/ blues for ceausescu- ok dance mixes. good gravy....

these are samples of the grotesquely unfunny andrew dice clay from one of his movies. originally the record company added the samples, not yello and we all know what unbelievable led to, rave 'til dawn, bitches:

no one ever played this in their jive ass tiny foreign car when it came out and i lived in allston. one guy played the ' bad bad boys whatcha gonna do' song from cops and drove up and down brighton ave. like a fucking tool all summer long. we want bass...so much bass you can barely hear it only feel it.

i was actually thrilled to find this- the flip of electronic's( bernard sumner/ johnny marr) get the message called free will: