June 27th, 2009

the sexual lives of the trendas

if you've heard all the obscure anglo new wave ever dug up and have gone through all the issues and reissues of francophone new wave and no wave and electronic homomusique from back in da day why not go way south of the border to lovely brazil, ohhh, brazil ;"the sexual life of the savages/ underground post punk from sao paulo brasil":


this album is both awesomely good and fascinating. save for the language which honestly you barely notice ( it's cadence reminds me of german and it's latin roots allow anyone with a romance language background or classical education- which on second thought i guess no longer exists in a land where high school graduates can't read or even speak proper english- to get hints of) it could have been made in boston circa late 70s early 80's. my very good brazilian pal who is of my generation and a music lover ( he used to go to the 1270 to hear linda lawrence so you know he has good taste)has said that the city this music comes from, sao paulo, has long been widely known for it's musical innovation. the liner notes go into fairly good detail about the scene at the time leaving you wanting to know and hear more. it is so thoroughly refreshing to find music like this to alleviate the sameness of the preprogrammed tedium of the usual 80s fodder of the same 20 or so songs heard over and over.

here's an example: gang 90/ jack kerouac: