June 11th, 2009

siouxsie complains about her meat eating pussy and other delights

i am not quite sure what search turned this tidbit out:


but the original article from the times uk is well worth a glance. i fucking love this woman. i am so glad she's not hiding in ouest bum fucque france any longer.

"'It’s just me and my babies now.' Ah yes, her cats. How are they? 'Well I’ve only got two now,' she says. 'They’ve got their own pet passports with their little photos. One of them got ill and now he won’t eat cat food. I’m a vegetarian and now I have to go to Waitrose and get corn-fed free-range chicken for the little f***er. That’s all he’ll eat. I’m just waiting for the day when he decides he’s off the chicken and it’s got to be duck! My next goal is to get them to use the Litter Kwitter. It’s this thing you put over the toilet, to train your cat to use the loo.'”

imagine you're at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and there's a fashionable, gothy sort of middle age woman swearing like a stevedore and attempting to snag a package of free range chicken with a pair of hastily dragged along fireplace tongs( and it's NOT mr mittens in siouxsie drag, smart ass). what does siouxsie wear to go to the market to get cat food for her babies? a black hoodie, muumuu , mules, and dark sunglasses? i just have to know!

and she just has two now? well, we all know how i feel about that- you can never have enough pussy around. damn, how many were there not, of course, counting budgie?

"So she doesn’t do the celebrity party circuit? She pulls a face. 'God, no! Some friends threw a party for me and Debbie Harry, so I went along. And there were all these professional partygoers. Who’s that dreadful creature, Paris Hilton? I told her to shut her f***ing mobile off. There were all these girls and they’d run up to you whenever they saw a photographer. And they’re all midgets! So I started bending my legs and walking around trying to look short. There’s me towering over everybody trying to hide my hundred chins!'”

really, what could i ever add to that." who's that dreadful creature...".

and she's going to be djing, yes, siouxsie is going to be fucking with you and you know who you are. here's hoping lots more people do- it's the only path to better, more diverse entertainment.