May 12th, 2009

i see dead fish and lame colombian princesses

i'm afraid i lost one of my fishies. we has the ick which is a really common fish ailment generally caused by stress. ick is a parasite that's always present in a tank. i have a feeling farah was waving a frying pan at them and sitting in front of the tank with a bib and knife and fork- causing fish freak out. while the other fish were growing at a good speed this one remained quite small so i was wondering if it's failure to thrive would indicate it wasn't long for this world. i've also been battling green algae and cloudy water so that too can cause the ick to present itself. i got rid of the algae ( by turning off the lights) but am still going at the cloudiness.

ick is treatable so it was off to petco. this week so sucks for me. first we're very busy- sick busy and i'm having problems with my assistant who has turned into a fucking colombian femme princess and now dead and sick fish. if anyone out there would like to come into work a few hours here and there and learn pastry with me- please do.( (um i am a pastry chef which isn't apparent from anything i post i suppose). i am sick of only spanish, speaking about nothing of any interest or intelligence( save the french chef who has an existential bent) from people i have nothing in common with who are frankly mostly with a few exceptions not very good at their jobs.

i'm serious here-i can't stand that i only have meaningful conversations daily with a siberian cat and cranky tortie and have to whack people with a fucking stick to get them to work. think of it- getting paid and free cake.

mmm cake....