May 11th, 2009

you're equal but different

i started the long planned move of my records out of the living room . this meant removing them from each cube and not helping but going through them all. i knew i'd do this- this will take forever. and it's pissing the cats off because the top tier is the cat vogue-ing runway in the sky. there's going to be some angry pussy around here. i may have to install a shelf for their fat asses because they do not like change and you don't mess with pussy's perch.

so i found lots of stuff and sat around drinking sangria and waving hunks of vinyl around getting not much done.

au pairs/ obvious

"i love you more than you love me"
getting away with it/ electronic

i don't have much knowledge about classical music- but i do have a small collection of things i do like especially, actually largely early music. i spent a long time with the classical crates because i've never documented what i have and lately i've been buying triples of things for no reason other than i can't recall if i have something or not. among the early music selections the name david munrow comes up quite a lot. he's probably largely responsible for the resurgence of interest in early music that occurred in the late 60's early 70's. a scholar and a musician, he had many ancient instruments recreated. this is our musical heritage as western europeans- david munrow regifted us with awareness of ourselves. today , as styles and tastes change there is much debate over the style he arranged and recorded in but his achievements in his short life were vast- in about 10 years he was involved with the production of around 50 albums alone. he dj'd an eclectic multicultural epochs spanning bbc radio show-something all the rage now especially on the internets. sadly on may 15 1976 he hanged himself. don't think of the sca or the fucking renaissance faire- this music is a part of the basis of just about every bit of music you'll listen to today.

the prototype for wispy sounding chick singing with raging heavy metal a la loud/soft/ loud/soft- soon to be the only time you'd hear a girl sing in a goth club. esthero was very popular in england not so much here. drum and bass was always more popular( if you can call it that...) here than it's kissing cousin trip hop-the video is actually rather good.

esthero heaven sent