May 6th, 2009

the honey maker's children: another day another muslim perpetrated genocide

the Coptic christians, like the assyrians of iraq, are the indigenous people of egypt. their language is the closest known to what the egyptians of antiquity spoke. what many people do not appear to understand about countries like egypt and iran and iraq is that they were invaded by aliens from the saudi arabian peninsula or from the ottoman empire- ruled for centuries by oppressors with another ethnic identity and another religion . their languages were taken away from them and their cultures to this day forcefully made to conform to whatever form of islam is followed by whomever was/is in charge. if one finds americans conflicted over identity particularly race it is nothing compared to the insanity that occurs in countries like saddam hussein's iraq over the 'arab-ization' (in a country whose borders were artificially created by western europeans on the collapse of the ottoman empire) of the populace. it is the stuff of murder and ultimately genocide.

the copts are currently undergoing a vicious campaign of violence directed at them by the muslim population with aiding and abetting by the increasingly radical egyptian government. priests are arrested. women and girls are raped. churches destroyed. the recent mass slaughter of pigs in egypt (consumption of which does not cause swine flu) has more to do with the fact that it represents the livelihood of the christian farmers who raise them. without food or income, starvation follows. they are a people in dire jeopardy. because of their religion, they are being systematically destroyed by muslims and our lap pup of leader is talking about getting tough with the only democracy, the only respector of the human right to freedom of religion in the middle east- israel. is he actually stupider than george bush or is the obamarama a willing tool of radical islam?

i should point out that mr. mittens is not a christian. nor is mr. mittens a jew. mr. mittens is a goddess worshipping pagan ( not a witch or a wiccan or anything gross and new agey like that) so my defense of the mostly christian and jewish victims of islam is based on moral beliefs grounded in my religion and applicable to all humans. that an allegedly christian president of a country whose founding principles are based in concepts of human freedoms that are alien in fact to islam should be of the gravest concern to everyone who values their rights. trying to appease nazis-genocidal monsters- is something everyone should be deeply disturbed by. today the copts- tomorrow france? it happened before and was ignored and placated in the exact same way as by this administration today. i suppose the louis farakkan respecting obamas don't miss 5 million european jews, gypsies et al but some of us would do well to recall that slavery is sanctioned by the koran (and the biggest slave traders of antiquity in africa were muslims and it still is going on today) as is the slaughter of nonbelievers- if indeed mr. b. hussein is a nonbeliever.