April 29th, 2009

" spring is here again/ reproductive glands"

all my cats were presented to me as fixed, so i'd like to know why, oh why, now that spring has sprung are they acting out like a herd of hormonal hussies? there has been a massive attack of the feline crazies going down and because cats are by nature crepuscular it all happens around my prone body whilst i try to sleep.

they've been using my bed as a giant kitty trampoline to bounce themselves around the room. then they run over my face when they're not, of course, heaving themselves and anything near them off the shelves toward my head. then they run into the kitchen for good measure and clear everything off of every surface in there, stopping to stuff their filthy little paws in the fish tank and to splash all the water out of the cat fountain.

the crowning event of all this madness is climbing the walls, literally, and yowling at the glass globe light fixture in the ceiling. because rimbaud is basically a siamese, this sounds like babies being strangled somewhere above you.

when i have to get up for work it is then time for a group nap. kitty is tired- shhhhhh!