April 5th, 2009

isobel p. kitte

i have to go back to work after having not even a full day off. i am rather bitter about this so to help ease the pain i've started to do something i've been planning to do for some time- and now that they finally make a decent flatbed photo scanner it's possible- print out and digitize some of my collection of slide and old school film negs. digital cameras and media still offer no where near the same resolution as traditional film especially slide film which is of course superior to regular 35mm print film to this day. universally the most popular camera format, 35mm even of the digital variety still cannot produce the sharpness of a relatively ancient, originally midrange priced medium format camera. there's a reason hasselblads cost thousands of dollars.

well blah blah blah. anyway, here's a photo taken with not such a great camera with not such a great lens but of a great cat i loved dearly even though she was not mine. isobel belonged to a friend and died way too young from feline leukemia which i believe is what her mother- who was a tortie- died from. my Co lived with isobel but never got sick and to my knowledge was not a carrier of the disease because all my other cats tested negative and like co lived to be quite old.

isobel was a persia type cat- she had this aura about her. not as friendly/cuddly as the persia, isobel always seemed so serious as if she was thinking about Very Important Things. it is only recently, after living with known feral cats, that i realize she was a bit of a house feral. she was very protective of her human bitches and twice warned of people climbing apartment fire escapes. when she died it was devastating. she's buried down at my mom's house as is co.