March 28th, 2009

the trip back

one of the last tv shows i genuinely enjoyed was Strangers with Candy- and i have never been one for american tv comedies or tv in general, actually. the movie is horrible- a cobbled together bunch of bits from the comedy central series that has massive flow problems and comes off rather flat. all three seasons of the tv show are on dvd and you should get them-GOOD TIMES!

the entire premise of the show is that of a 46 years old high school drop out, runaway , drug addict and ho who comes back to school to finally get things right. the main character, jerri blank, is based on a woman who used to lecture high school students in the early 70s based on her experiences as, well, a junkie, jailbird and 'ho.( it all starts with marijuana, you know...)some of the lines in the series are lifted right from a taped public service sort of presentation of this women's experiences called 'the trip back'- and it's finally on yooootube. oh yes!

part of the effectiveness of strangers with candy is amy sedaris's almost frightening, accurate portrayal of the trip back chick- right down to the hair.i happen to think amy is funnier than her celebrated brother who is far more effective as a speaker than, oddly, as a writer. V. and i had an amusing run in with amy at Toast a few years back.

anyway, here's ms. florrie fisher, your new role model:

lsd is the bomb, never forget: