March 7th, 2009

come over to our house/ it's bauhaus...

i've always been more the frank lloyd wright type than into the euro dull soulless work boxes for efficient socialist living of bauhaus. female architects are like hens teeth still.several of my friends( mittens used to be the art school sort which translates into i used my pell grant for art school to go to nyc and go clubbing for most of the mid 80's. i tended to hang out with the jewelers in school because they were significantly less annoying than the rabidly self important painters and insufferable photographers who were endlessly taking pictures of each other in bondage gear and sunglasses.) who managed to graduate from architecture programs suffered fairly abysmal degrees of sexual harassment and were constantly met with disbelief that a girl could manage an a degree in architecture all on her own.

eileen gray was an irish self taught architect and furniture designer. her rugs, panels and enamel work make her one of the most important designers of the early 20th century. her e.1027 table is everything just about every spec of furniture in ikea and of the ' danish modern' ilk aspire to be.

her dragons chair( belonging to yves saint laurent) was just sold at auction for 28. 3 million dollars- a record.

her magnificent e.1027 home ( in france, pissed all over by the architect who built nothing "le" corbusier , no doubt in a fit of jealousy, is in a horrible state of disrepair although the french government has been claiming for years it is going to restore it.

gray was one of the herd of very talented bisexual and lesbian women who hung out with natalie barney et amies.

anyway . i'm off to make 2 pieces of ikea furniture meant to be a bookcase and a tv stand into a dj console. furniture never seems to do what i want it to do efficiently so i have to make it myself.