February 26th, 2009

"it's a concept. it's a feeling. i'm learning more almost everyday"

the guitarist for athens Ga band pylon, randy bewley, died of a heart attack feb. 11. their debut' gyrate', only recently reissued, was one of my very favorite records and something of a major dance record played at every party of like minded people- hence my annoyance that they're completely ignored now. i tend to put them on mix cd's for people a lot as they represent one of the major faults of 80's post punk music as it is viewed in hindsight- the truly innovative and extraordinary are left to the dustbin and the hackneyed drones like rem are endlessly celebrated.

extraordinary bass and a distinctive guitar and vanessa- who was indescribable live.

if you ever get the opportunity watch' athens inside/ out'- not for rem- but for a prospective of a local scene that gave us music that defined an era and some insight on the south for those of us who are foreign or northern born.

my generation is now middle aged.