January 30th, 2009

zwei von millionen von sternen

more thrift music finds today.

first off the the star wars lite brite refill pack- just lovely.

john moran's the manson family. an opera. produced by philip glass.
if you know me you know i love me some manson girls and that i think all of you obama zombies are really updated versions of squeaky et al. iggy pop is 'the prosecutor 'and terre roche of the hideous roche sisters is my beloved squeaky fromme aka red. john moran is charlie and we all know charlie is love just like obama is Cheesus. hopefully you'll all wake up before you too stuff a fork into the belly of a dead pregnant woman.

inga and anete humpe( humpe and humpe)- swimming with sharks
careless love was a minor hit i don't much like but they did some early electronica pop like this:

inga is now in in 2 raumwohnug who do one of my favorite songs:

the have both been incredibly active for decades in germany. the other sister, anete, produced sin with sebastians 'shut up( and sleep with me)' which was a hit even in america.

les rita mitsouko/ marcia baila 12"
unique in that it has the english version of the song not available elsewhere. their first international big hit and on their first self titled album, it made the rounds of the clubs when their second album 'the no comprendo' came out. catherine ringer studied dance under the woman whom the song is about- argentine marcia moretto. she died on cancer at a very young age and you can see from most of their videos that she had a profound impact on them both.

barbara fowler/ come and get my lovin
this is what electro was and i say this because no one seems to really understand this now. this is what people used to break dance and roller skate to and the well spring from which hi nrg emerged, influencing house music profoundly.


my all time favorite electro/freestyle song( because i have this but found them with foxy doing goddess of love)-bounce,rock, skate, baby:

company b/ fascinated

the foundation of every single fucking daft punk song from homework . well the bside of it. fucking rules:

vaughn mason and crew/ bounce rock skate roll