January 18th, 2009

the ones who died/ the ones who tried/ the ones who sit and gloat

pretty much a night at sporters circa 1990- just a little slice. to make it really authentic surround yourself with tranny hookers, do several lines of coke and drink from the bottle of vodka you stole from behind the bar. oh and beware of the bathroom off of the dance floor unless you like that sort of thing:

erasure/ snappy( flip of chorus 12")

a;GRUMH/ Ha people

umo detic/fahrenheit

jade 4 u/ hear me coming( sorry but version with the words doesn't appear to be on utube)

lords of acid/ hey ho!

ralphi rosario + xavier gold/ you used to hold me

st. etienne/ only love can break your heart( neil young cover)

kristy maccoll/ walking down madison(RIP kristy maccoll)

electribe 101/ talking to myself( the singer is billie ray martin)

nitzer ebb/ join the chant

" warning will robinson!"

bob may, the man who played Robot in Lost in Space( but was not the voice of robot) has passed.

as a child i loved this show- space was the place. mr. smith, the arch and really sort of queeny foil of robot died in 2002. billy mumy, who played will robinson, is part of barnes and barnes.

and thus we have new wave, industrial and what's wrong with those born at the end of the baby boom, the first of the gen xers, explained. and our obsession with gadgets and machines:

lene lovich pretty much invented the anime 'ho look before america was aware of anime or goth for that matter.