January 12th, 2009

girls girls girls!

kleenex/ die matrosen

curve/ missing link

happy 50th birthday motown

supremes/ someday we'll be together

the best motown cover ever-ms. gloria gaynor covers the jackson 5 never can say goodbye

just because it's fucking awesome- when disco was incredibly fine... mmmm... buzzz buzz buzzz.. motown's real successor the disco/house diva. (every time some droopy pants ass honkie muppet covers or samples a motown song jesus strangles a baby bunny AND one of allah's 1000s of virgins.)

because i havent heard them in so long, too long:

wolfgang press/ kansas:

one of the greatest goth albums ever: cocteau twins/ treasure-"persephone". (they themselves claim to dislike treasure but everything after it save the pink opaque seems uninspired and all the same and i find boring. and you could completely disown them by the late 80s.ice blinksuck.)