January 3rd, 2009


to all my friends and any one who reads this elghey i regret to inform you that i will no longer be updating it, i'll be de-friending everyone including the cutie cat communities(LOL- no offense. i love you. we just don't ' 'comment' any more. we've grown apart. i don't read you any more ... did i miss any excuses?) and deleting every entry but this one. it's not you, though, or anyone-it's me. i no longer have to keep any sort of diary or journal because i have found something that exactly replicates the story of my life- not just the past but the here and now -so there's really no longer any point in typing another word, another comment. i have nothing more to say, to relate.

this is my life( save the part about the chickens going to heaven. when i stuff chickens in a microwave they go to...HELL!!!):