January 1st, 2009

belgian waffles

questionable feminist? bored suburban haus frau? "just another cunt from connecticut"? famous for losing an NEA grant because the content of her work was deemed pornographic and obscene. i have great respect for filth, as buddy from KiTH would say, but one could evoke this tirade from the average street person with a stick and a 40 ounce. emotionally damaged white people from the upper middle classes having their ' art' subsidized by my tax money always annoyed me as i struggled to stay in art school and then struggled to be creative and work a full time job. still it was amusing at the time and was sampled many many times especially the ' drop that ghetto blaster' line.

karen finley and tales of taboo. sex express had a major hit sampling this unstable rant:

sex express. theme from sex express:

another karen sample and huge new beat hit black kiss, the orgasm:

almost forgot mr big mouse: