October 6th, 2008

youtube censors anti sharia law post. criticism of patriarchy is" hate speech"


it's well worth pointing out that first amendment opponent and voter booth bully obama likes to use lawyers from american pro sharia law organization CAIR (http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/022942.php) .a vote for obama could very well be a vote to change the constitution and ban any criticism of democrats, the black messiah or islam as ' hate speech'. you think youre superior now and are patting yourself on the back for liking black people and getting rid of bush but it's going to end in tears you'll be denied the right to openly cry because it might ' offend' some real nazi somewhere. just because one has brown skin doesn't mean you can't be a brown shirt. just ask the numerous people in africa suffering under genocidal dictators and living in modern day slavery. support of sharia law is support of dismantling the constitution and all of our inalienable rights. it is support of the vilest theocracy that is no different in objectives than the Nazis of the 1930's.


here's the original post now reinstated by youtube:

welcome to saudi britain