September 28th, 2008

Lucy Trismegistus

presenting the thrice great magical thumbs of miss lucy:

and, yes, both front paws have three thumbs, complete with claws. she is quite small even though she is over 8 years old so these big old clod hoppers seem even larger on such a small kitty. poor nixie with her relatively mini extra unithumbs. i think she feels a little inadequate after being queen of the digit sweepstakes around here with those flaming gold accessories of hers.

you can hear lucy coming down the hall. stompy stompy stompy. she's a sweet thing though- bursting with affection after what i imagine was several years of rejection at the no kill cat rescues. i thought she was either terribly shy or depressed when i adopted her. she looked clean and healthy but seemed so profoundly sad that it was one of the reasons i had to take her home- i couldn't have lived with the thought of leaving those mournful eyes behind. she hid from me and the girls for a few days and i thought she may be another one of those house ferals, maladapted to humans through no fault of her own. but a few days after i came back from montréal she threw herself at me and has been a furry love bomb ever since. she really is my angel- she's always so good tempered even when playing with the other cats. djinn and rambo can be very rough and tumble and get into tiffs with one another, causing little hissy growling fits. lucy always distances herself from any ill will.

here she is being far more open than the first photos i took of her. she very much reminds me of harriot brown who will have been dead one year on october 23. and so one year on, after the loss of my original tribe of tigers, i find life constantly renews itself if you give it the chance.