September 25th, 2008


Sin senos no hay paradiso

( without tits, there is no heaven)

my uncle, really mi tia i suppose, has just informed me that this halloween he is dressing up as Miss Sin Senos No Hay Paradiso( which is a colombian soap opera).

" i have one thing to say/ sashay/chanté..."

back in the day ( and yes we broke out the fans and danced to it):

so you see, the problem with me: i was born into this- my obsessions, my beliefs. my uncle was the first one to explain to me that the patriarchal structure of society was oppressive, evil, wrong and not the way it ought to be. it always has been in the back of my mind that my mother could not have possibly done this for me because a part of the problem is that women in traditional society, by not taking their power and standing up to men and protecting their children and themselves, have aided in a devolved, negative maleness running so malignantly out of control. this is no way excuses men or the male identified dominant for their cruel, murderous behaviors but rather indicates that part of not being a victim lies in refusal of the role our culture brings you up to play, with the aid of your parents and schooling and media. bring up your girls also to be proud of themselves and to respect themselves and their bodies rather than inflicting them with societally sanctioned images of their worthlessness unless they are microscopic , near death anoerexics that will fuck anything and put up with any violation to feel themselves loved. want to have daughters rather than only wanting sons and throwing the female ones in the dustbin as they actually do in China. encourage your more effeminate sons who are drawn to nurturing and playing with dolls and dressing up in their mom's clothing to be as they are rather than devalued and self loathing( because of the contempt you may install on them so young)- fodder for brutalization on the playgrounds and in the locker rooms. if we love our children we don't bring any of them up to be less than or inferior or to be the victims of what can only be viewed as a perpetual state of gynocide.