September 19th, 2008

"stand in chopped liver/ your deli or your life"

we all know how much i hate fucking pirate drag. pirates are basically sea nazis. rape and pillage- how very appealing. i do like real dandies though- the 17th c. powdered wig and high heels sort.

so here are some really confused gay pirates/ dandies/ indians/insects. why did we like this crap? now i can't imagine. the guitarist marco pirroni was in both siouxsie and the banshees and early versions of my favorite band of the late 70's/ early 80s- the monochrome set. the burundi drumming was a feature of monochrome very early on- a sound which the new romantics like adam and his insect nation drove mercilessly and tonelessly into the ground they pranced so fluffily upon. they seem to have been recorded in a tin can too- the production values are miserable and the effect is very flat sounding. nostalgia makes it interesting to me but they are too gimmicky and too limited too shallow and short on ideas to generate any fondness nor any ode to their non existent unappreciated greatness .

the monochrome set were always the better band with a more full and evolved sound. more intelligent. and one of post punk's greatest guitar players- lester square.

the used to preform in front of a giant screen and play all their songs fused together live. their catalogue was strung between several record labels so a definitive, comprehensive collection of their recordings , so common in the cd era of today, is, sadly, unavailable. each label, however, has issued innumerable compilations and recently the inclusion of their " he's frank" with vocals by iggy pop( whom i can't fucking stand) on the tv show ' heros' has been garnering them more much deserved interest. " tomorrow will be too long" is actually their first two albums presented as a greatest hits and gives one a pretty good idea what they're on about and is in print.

volume. contrast. brilliance.

instead of glib prefab puffery.( look for "prince charming" in the park)