September 14th, 2008

"flying/ domestic flying..."

david bowie got all the faux glory but sparks is one of the most fabulous and most influential of the gay glam-bots . they went right on making amazing music for decades. even siouxsie, who has an incredible longevity of her own, recognized their greatness. considering sparks among your biggest influences( along with the doors, roxy music in siouxsie's case) indicates great discernment and phenomenal taste. notice they didn't change the song much- there's no way you could. there's nothing quite like it. it's no wonder that while les ritas mitsouko rejected working with a a slew of anglo artists dying to record with them they opted to go with the brothers mael who are actually american born and not british.

the most unexpected song catherine ringer did in montreal was ' after hours' by the velvet underground. it was one of the only 3 songs mo tucker sang and proved, as with the case with siouxsie and sparks, that les rita mitsouko were such great musicians because of their unique taste and good ear for very precious, layered and enchanting songs.

catherine was amazing and sang for over 2 hours and seemed to enjoy ever second of it. what a wonderful night-an entire concert hall with everyone singing "andy" and "marcia balia" in french at the top of their lungs. this is from the concert- i couldn't find "after hours" though- they probably didn't post it because she sang it in english and the french get all fucked up and language nazi over these things. all day long i have to listen to the most abysmal horrid spanish pop music so this was pretty much necessary for my mental health: