September 9th, 2008

continuing signs the end time is here

there's been something that has been bothering me quite a bit.i'm sure some of you will feel i am writing about you and get all in a snit and have to extract your panties from your nether regions. too bad. there are some things that come to pass that are just too horrible, to cruel, to contrary to all that is good and holy. if this abomination applies to you, trust me, you'll be hating me now but later when the insanity breaks you will thank me.

clam diggers. adult males wearing clam diggers.

ok, technically, in the history of three quarters length pants, clam diggers were the ' male' version of the ever popular 50s/60s Capris pants for women also called ' pedal pushers'. but no boy in the 60s, when the style was at it's zenith, who wasn't aspiring to a career on the drag stage or hustling on the street in dark alleys was going to be caught in a pair of capri pants. one could easily assume no actual man involved in the digging of mollusks was going to be wearing anything vaguely related to something jayne mansfield was quite fond of donning.

i know that there's been a creeping seeping of rave-esque clothing cropping up for women with the short legged clam digger style- only more loose fitting so it was only a matter of time before the emo sort of male, with his innate fondness for wearing women's clothes with absolutely no political/cultural understanding of the concept, was going to shove that finger down the throat, become emaciated and think he was boldly going where no man had gone before by putting on a tight ass pair of pedal pushers.

so i have been unable to post about my trip to montréal because of the damage caused by viewing men in Capris pants thereabouts.

i am hoping therapy will help.