June 29th, 2008

gone fishing

i decided the girls needed a hobby besides messing with me and lesbionic acting out.

i bought them a fish tank. i've had two dreams about it so when i finally had 2 days in a row off i loaded up HAL with a 55 gallon tank and some colorful gravel. everything was on sale and you have to go to the suburbs for these things if you don't get it on line. i could only find the right filter on line. pet supplies plus has really good prices on all sorts of pet things- i highly recommend them. and i bought all the decorations like drift wood and rocks at building 19 for half price. no fish though. you can't just throw water in a tank and toss fish in unless you want dinner instead of cat pets. the water has to be conditioned, have the chlorine removed and has to be cycled to be able to sustain life. it can take up to a month.

i'll probably go to skipton kennels in roxbury to get fish because they are a really superior pet store. if you haven't been- go. they're right after what was boston city hospital on mass ave after the on ramps to 93. unlike the other big name pet stores the people actually know something about fish and pets and they have good prices. they deliver too if you ever need it. their fish tanks always look clean and the fish lively. i saw so many dirty fish tanks in stores the past few days- with wastes piled up in the gravel and limp, lethargic fish. getting a fish under such conditions is asking for disease and quick death. one of the reasons i got such a large tank is because i didn't think it would be right to the fish to have them cramped up, piled atop one another. they are living creatures not part of the decor. besides, the ladies have to learn there's more to life then being vicious predators.