June 12th, 2008

cover me

here's a " there but for the grace of god go i" sample. i played this a lot-people went nuts for it on a house floor. it's todd terry. the gypsy men- hear the music.

there's sampling as homage and then there's a fist fucking rip off- which is what many dj/producers focused on in the late 80s and early 90s. many primarily black female vocalists who had been staples of gay and black disco music but largely unknown to the mainstream, like gloria gaynor, martha walsh (the reason for every hit black box had- and they were huge fucking hits) and jocelyn brown- famous especially for ' somebody else's guy'- were mercilessly ripped off and glued into relatively generic house music causing astronomical sales and an explosion of dance music culture world wide. skinny ass models were dropped into the videos and splayed across record sleeves and the only real reasons for the wild success of these tunes- the vocal performances of extremely talented black women who built dance music as we knew it on the power and intense emotional dynamics of their instrument- were relegated to unpaid obscurity.

here's only one club song-of the only blacks and gays were listening to it variety- and you can lose count of the samples torn from it. and it's just one fucking song.

the sublime jocelyn brown ' loves gonna get you' and a small selection of the songs that went platinum using her without crediting her or having other singers try to mimic her once they were busted. her dance music cred in unbelievable- she sang on musique's 2 huge hits- "keep on jumpin" and "in the bush"(' push push in the bush')- both number 1 disco songs. she did a slew of songs with cerrone and chic-chic were unstoppable( le freak is the largest selling single ever for the entire suite of warner brother's record labels. even johnny marr of the smiths bows down before chic as we all should.)

bizarre inc-

snap- the power

tainted nubs

and if you're waiting for me to post fucking soft cell's tainted love- it's not fucking happening, not on my lj dime. i loathe that song because i had to play it so much for decades - so, yes, it's gay as matching luggage as is marc almond but the original is better and a girl sings it- a black girl- and nothing is gayer than a real diva. gloria jones was the girlfriend to glam and thus goth icon marc bolan ie t rex. she was driving the car he died in. she was a member of his band but had a long music history before they came together which included writing for motown( she wrote ' if i were your woman' for gladys knight and the pips and the proto-disco ' i haven't stopped dancing yet' .).

the year i was born- 1964- and gloria jones- the original tainted love. we played it on goth night in the day instead of soft cell :

and because the song always reminds me of coil just go out and buy 'horse rotorvator' and 'love's secret domain'. just please do it.