June 11th, 2008

'somewhere far away with no blacks/no jews/ and no gays'

this song has been sampled many, many times which is a testament to it's awesome gay anthem-ness. you might know the writers and producers better as kid creole and the coconuts- august darnell and andy hernandez. they were also a relatively successful big band disco group- dr. buzzard's original savannah band ("cherchez la femme") who have been sampled a great deal by a vast assortment of hip hop artists(' sunshower').

this is the legendary machine 'there but for the grace of god go i'- well known and loved by all the Legendary Children. nearly 3 decades on( released in 1979) it is still instantly recognizable on a dance floor of those who have any sense of dance music and it's history and close association with teh ghey.

kid creole et al were staples of the 70's/80s new york music scene-darnell produced miss kitten precursor cristina ('is that all there is' and 'disco clone'. siouxsie used the former - playing cristina's banned version at the end of all her shows in the later half of the 90's.). they appear as oddly named disco bands here and there- my very favorite being don armando's 2nd avenue rhumba band- "deputy of love". if you don't know if you've got teh ghey or not, you do if you like this song-( and saturday night fever had horrible music that pales next to real disco like deputy of love but it is still a good film.)(" are you gonna be a nice girl... or a pig?")

endicott by kid creole. i am always surprised at the people who know and love this song. darnell definitely has his minnie the moocher moves down. that's andy hernandez in the kiddie pool.