April 19th, 2008

coon cat conspiracy revisited

so it is after careful consideration ( and no help for from the cats in question who refuse to comment), i have some startling revelations concerning who is and who is not at least part maine coon cat.

and some people are going to be very jealous of the results of my inquiry. yes they are.

first off, i picked the wrong cat to label a maine coon ( see: http://akmed.livejournal.com/108384.html). it's not the Lady Chablis

but Djinn:

it's more apparent now that her fur has grown in after her rescue and fixing and that she's moving out of kittenhood. when i posted her presidential campaign poster on catmacros someone pointed out that she might be part maine coon- and her huge paws, the shape of her skull, big old plume of a tail and large mane indicate such. she has a bit of an angora doll face and is probably a mix of things like most found cats but i have to admit now she does have more of the maine coon cat characteristics than the lady chablis.

the lady chablis- now here is where the interest and envy begin. while it is generally recognized that the maine coon , the siberian and the norwegian forest cats are all closely related there are some differences between them . it's virtually impossible to tell what an undocumented , non pure breed cat really is. the shelter had Chabby ( then princess fantasapurr) pegged as a " persian exotic" which she clearly is not. persian exotics are persians with shorter fur. her fur isn't short. she may be part persian but she has a highly unusual skull shape- it's rectangular with a wide space between the ears. when you look at her head on it gives a sort of feline cro magnon effect. here she is from behind:

she has the ear tufts, the ' fully furnished tail" shaped like a club, not a plume and her feet are huge. she's very doggy like in her behaviors. she sits at my feet with her head propped up on a toe, comes when she's called and follows me around. these are all traits of the SIBERIAN. here's a chart of the differences between the 3 related cats-her head shape is definitely siberian: http://solacefarm.com/Diffsib.html.

so i have a( partial) siberian- nah nah nah nah nah!