April 12th, 2008

getting down with your bad froggy self

seeing how electrocreep posted some really nice tunes- including the great twilight ritual- it reminded me of all the amazing music that came out at the very end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s that gets pillaged mercilessly and uncredited today by what the tots who think they're in the know now call ' electro' (which actually is a term more appropriately and traditionally applied to the likes of afrika bambaataa and a whole host of primarily black urban artists from america in the early 80s who dug kraftwerk , sun ra, and parliament funkadelic not post post modern emo brats with synth software in the '00s). and seeing how the french generally piss me off even though i am french, here's a bunch of people with noses shaped like mine making really good, innovative music around the time i graduated from high school.

end of data : sahrah 1984

Kas product: never come back: 1982

opera multi steel: un froid seul:

and i know they're not french but this was just too gay to resist. stuffing some chicks in there, if they thought it would make this all less gay, WELL IT DOESN'T. fucking flaming and gay as a pique-nique basket and we love it:

DAF : brothers

and the real electro from the day- the song that broke it wide open:

afrika bambaataa and the soul sonic force: planet rock 1982( produced by the by by arthur baker. it owes a lot to freestyle, which, because most wouldn't know electro it it rimmed them, is another influential music genre most people calling themselves djs know absolutely nothing about as they fling these nonsensical re- appropriations of terms around)