April 1st, 2008

" sometimes i almost feel/ just like a human being"

" sometimes i think love is only a tumor / you've got to...cut it out"

when he's done hobnobbing with every half dead honkey american songwriter maybe he'll start writing good songs again- probably not. this is just a reminder that he may be one of the greatest song writers of the 20th century and he may have always been sort of an ass but he had talent to fucking burn like crazy- his records didn't leave my turntable or walkman for the entire 1980's. i probably listened to him every single day and if not i found myself in situations which reminded me of his songs and his razor sharp way with words. i saw him around 6 times live and he was amazing every time- not something that's easy to do night after night.

some of my favorite of his songs

" possession"

"big sister's clothes"( very different from the lp version- he was known for doing drastically different versions of his songs live)

" kid about it"

siouxsie sioux got in a throw down with his bass player from the Attractions- i believe she cleaned is clock and he probably deserved it richly. his organ/ piano player steve nieve is outstanding. on 'armed forces' you can hear (if you use headphones) that he used one of those rotating amps- it's lovely.i think he's quite crucial to the elvis sound. i find i don't like the albums without the attractions as much as those with.