March 25th, 2008

365 days of tortietude or my life as a feral

a year ago today the rescue ladies brought nixe and farah, then named tequila and tawny, to my house. they proceeded to hide from me for the next month- mostly under the bed or at the top of the highest shelf as we see here:

now we're subjected to this highly public ' display':

and this shocking example of thoroughly familiar glib puffery:

at the time i thought i had completely fucked up. they were the first cats i adopted after persia's death ( feb. 10th of last year) and i had to rush harriot to the hospital the next day although alice would be the next to pass ( july 11th). i had cats falling sick and dying like furry dominos set in motion ( by Co dying good friday 2006) and here i had taken on not one but two feral cats who were in abject fear of me . i doubted i was capable of drawing them out- of being the right person for them. they were so scared and alone it nearly broke my heart- which is why i adopted them. they were like the misfit toys no one wanted and i knew persia would want me to help them. it took over a month to be able to open the bedroom door and let the other cats in. it's only within the last few months that i can pet them although only for very limited amounts of time. they're still shy and cautious and they can get a tad cranky with me- but they've never hissed at me or scratched me and they like being where ever i am.

i will never forget how very sweet they were to harriot brown her last few days on earth. i would not have been able to get through all that loss last year if it wasn't for my somewhat difficult but very sweet tortie girls-

happy feralista anniversary, nixe doodle and farah faucet minor!