March 3rd, 2008


the greatest white blues singer ever- janis joplin. that's mama cass in complete awe in the audience- no half talent in the vocal department herself. Pearl was her swan personnae and that's for whom my female cockatiel was named although maybe one in 10,000 people now would know it.

for all the myspace posts of djs who only talk about themselves and what they did, ironically enough, with other people's music who never mention if there was even one person dancing, and no talent bands who sound like every other band youve ever heard if youre over the age of 12 and know anything about music here is music that is truly transformative by an artist who throws herself into a song as if her entire existence depended on it not just the friend tally on her personal page. dont look at her- look at her eyes - she's beyond and not even seeing herself ( as it should be) and look at the look on cass elliot's face. it says it all.

i could give a fuck about your goddamn haircut and who you know and who noticed you and how you market yourself. the surface doesnt interest me but it's all the sells now, even worse than before. i want to feel you would die for a song if necessary. i want to see you beyond your goddamn self that youre transformed from the ugly odd duck from east bum snog texas into something shimmering, surging with power and radiance for all the other little boys who were beat up and called fags their whole childhood and the girls who were called ugly whom no one would play with.

if you have nothing to say but ' me me me', no tale to tell and can't reveal true feelings beyond ' look at me' and experiences beyond here and now fuck off and get off the stage.