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emo road kill
so i found you lying in the gutter in front of a parked car. my first instinct was to ignore you. if you were dead i wanted no part of it . if you were alive , a passed out drunken moron, i wanted no part of it. drunks passed out with no regard for their own safety are notoriously belligerent when you wake them. and if i did manage to wake you, what they hell was a going to do with you? kick you up on the sidewalk so you wouldn't get run over in the dark? i'm not putting out my back for some emo waif on a bender.and you probably have the cooties.

all i wanted to do was re-park my car because they're working on my street in the morning . i walked right by you on the way home, finally noticing you because you started snoring. fortunately , the cops were right up the street (having pulled over undoubtedly one of your spiritual sisters for DUI) so i dumped you off on them.

i must admit i sort of wanted you to get run over a little- survival of the fittest. dude, you're bringing down the whole herd. hardcore homeless hopeless drunks have more sense than you do.in the end,i felt worse for the poor sap who would have torn themselves apart with guilt if they had flattened you with their car.

you fell asleep on the fucking street. one of the only times i wished i had a cell phone with a camera.